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1314 South King Street #1550 Honolulu, HI 96814

Chiropractic Oahu is proud to have helped so many Honolulu residents.  Many  patients have gratiously volunteered to share their success stories!  If you have a moment feel free to watch their videos and read their stories.  You might be surprised at the wide range of health problems we are often able to fix here at Chiropractic Oahu!

1.jpg   I found out about Chiropractic Oahu by filling out a survey while I was waiting for my dinner one night. I was having back and sleeping problems at the time so I decided to give it a try. After only 12 short visits I felt better. I feel great with no pain in my back and no sleeping problems. I would recommend This clinic to anyone back and sleeping problems.
Thank you!

2.jpg  I found Chiropractic Oahu on the internet and I came in because I was having right arm pain and numbness and tingling. I also had limited range of motion with my neck. I felt very anxious too. After two weeks on Decompression my numbness and tingling resolved and after about a month I have increased range of motion. This is the best I felt 1 1/2 years. The treatments have made me feel so much better and ready to take on new adventures! Thank you.
Jenny P

cliff_green_web.preview.pngWhen I fisrt walked into the office, I was suffering form daily migraines and severe hip pain. I was frequently in a bad mood and was having trouble sleeping. Within a month of seeing the doctor, I was no longer having headaches, and today my hip pain is virtually non-existant. Thanks Doc! - Cliff Greene

loren_lum_web.preview.pngBefore I came to Chiropractic Oahu, I had a terrible lower back experience like unbearable tightness and pain, also a super stiff neck that made life uncofortable and me, a moody grouch. I've been coming here for about 3 weeks now and I'm feeling 100 times better "no joke!" - Loren Lum

joey_m_web.preview.pngBack pain, headaches, soreness and numbness were symptoms of my bad back. After receiveing regular adjustments, I've felt a major improvement. I feel better and I don't have to worry about constant back pains! I recommend this office to anyone who wants less pain & more releif from their back problems. - Joey M.

kon_web.preview.pngWe started coming to the clinic because of our lower back & neck pains. I used to have migraine headaches on a regular basis but now I don't! - Kon's.

shauna_mcneil_web.preview.pngI have never felt better! I think that I used to lean to the left! Not anymore!! - -Shauna McNeal

kahoopi_web.preview.pngI feel excellent! --J.L. Kahoopii

joel_tsubota_web.preview.pngI've been suffering from lower back pain, to include tightness and tingling in my legs for over a year. I had a hard time getting started in the morning due to the pain and tightness. I visited the doctors and was diagnosed with bulging discs. The doctor said that I would probably need surgery. That's when I decided to see a chiropractor.
   I called to schedule an appointment with Chiropractic Oahu. The staff was very courteous and friendly. I explained my problem to the doctor. He said he could help me. After examining me, he set up and explained my treatment plan.
   After a few adjustments the pain and tightness subsided and the tingling disappeared. I do not have any problems getting started in the morning anymore. I would highly recommend anyone to this clinic if they are experiencing back pain. --Joel Tsubota

ronald_deese_web.preview.pngI've been with my boyfriend for almost three years. When we saw the advertisement in L&L, we joked about how he had all the problems listed in the ad. He had gone to a few doctors but all they could do was prescribe drugs.
   When we went to the first appointment, I was amazed by how limited by boyfriend's movements had become. One of the first questions the doctor asked was whether or not he had been in a car accident. Four years ago he had been rear ended so badly the entire back half of his station wagon had been crushed. We dismissed it as the cause of his problems because it had been so long ago. the doctor explained how injuries like that can build up over time, since the pain and restriction to movement come on slowly you don't notice it at first.
    After just a few more visits, my boyfriend has been noticeably more flexible. He sleeps better now. Even his sinus headaches have gotten better. --Rene Balderama, about her boyfriend Ronald Deese 

ed_erlandiz_web.preview.pngI've been to a few chiropractors. This office's chiropractic is different (in a groovy way). I like how the office is so open. Coming here relieves the tension in my body and my girlfriend's pretty happy, because I don't complain too much about my back. -- Edward Erlandiz Jr.

leigh_barbleto_web.preview.pngI came in with major allergy problems that I have never experienced before. On top of that, my asthma problems increased to the point that every evening I couldn't breathe. It was really hard for me to believe that I should be so uncomfortable and I am only 30 years old.
     I was looking to relieve or at least find the cause of these problems rather than be on excessive amounts of medication and still feeling "distressed" every day. So I discovered chiropractic and it just made sense. Now it's been 6 months and I hardly ever need my medication. I absolutely feel like I can do anything without any breathing problems.
    Usually when I get sick, I feel the need to check into the hospital for my breathing and now I hardly even get sick and if I do it's a minor cold with hardly any breathing problems whatsover.
     My energy has increased and I feel better wholly physically and mentally. I am blessed to come here and I absolutely recommend this to everyone and anyone. Thank you doctor! --Leigh Barbleto

takaki_ueno_web.preview.pngAfter being rear ended in a minor collision on the busy freeways of L.A., I've neglected to go see a doctor about my injury. As time passed, I thought my injury would heal itself, but instead it never went away. I experienced neck pains, intensified stress around my shoulder and neck as well as irregular muscle stiffness. It was affecting my daily lifestyle, especially at work. Not being able to be comfortable physically dragged my whole day.
  Finally I decided to seek chiropractic care and was in fear that it may not be possible to help fix my problem because I never took care of my injury right away. As the doctor started working with me I've slowly noticed improvements after a few months. Now that he has worked with me personally over time my pain and distress has been eliminated and I feel like I never got into that accident.
   I know many of us may ignore our injury and later find out that you may need to see a doctor and think it is too late, but with this office it's never too late --Takaki Ueno

nola_faria_web.preview.pngI am an RN who started with Chiropractic Oahu in February, 2008 at the urging of my internal medicine doctor. He could not help me with a problem with chronic back and sciatic nerve pain and thought chiropractic care could help. I was a little doubtful but within a month, my pain started easing.
   Today I'm back at paddling and swimming. No longer do I have difficulty sleeping and while I have intermittent pain, it is so much better. This is a lifelong change and I will incorporate chiropractic adjustment for the rest of my life. And the staff is fabulous and so understanding, friendly and helpful. --Nola Faria

danny_carreiro_web.preview.pngI've suffered from low back pain for about 30 years. After countless doctors and chiropractors, a friend told me about Chiropractic Oahu. I had nothing to lose cause I was still in pain, so I went to see him and I'm here to say he's the best! He has my back under control. I've never felt better. I urge any one with any problem to call him. --Danny Carreiro

joanne_craighead_web.preview.pngBefore coming to Chiropractic Oahu, I was having allot of numbness throughout my right hand. At night I would wake often to shake my hand to get the circulation going. Since coming here for adjustments I'm able to get full nights rest, NO more tingling and numbness. -- Joanne Craighead.

kaala_kawai_web.preview.pngI once felt tightness and frequent throbbing behind my right shoulder blade. I also had some difficulty doing simple push ups because of soreness in my left shoulder. After treatments I no longer feel tightness behind my right shoulder blade; my left shoulder pain is gone and I am able to do complex push ups. My shoulders have more flexibility and my range of motion for my neck is better than ever. When I used to stretch my neck, I felt a pinch behind my right shoulder blade; that to is gone! My overall physical health has definitely improved. - Ka'ala Kawai

randy_lundquist_web.preview.gifSince I have started coming to Chiropractic Oahu I no longer have acid reflux. My stomach feels so much better. I feel so much better now even when I sit in my office chair all day long. I look forward to coming in for treatment. Quality of my life is improved.

-- Randy Lundquis

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